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China PCBA Factory
Total Solutions Provider (TSP)
Provide customers with complete solutions including technical parts, design assistance, customized final test and packing and logistic assistance services
China cable supplier

About Precision Electronic Technologies Ltd

Precision Electronic Technologies Limited is a Hong Kong registered company enjoying all the advantages of the business climate in Hong Kong and the surrounding regions. With on ground experience of working within the Asian cultures, the staff can maximize the benefits of having the major factories of the world all around them. The staff also enjoy technical back-up and support from a world class partner with over 20 years of deep in-house experience in the electronics, expertise in PCBA Supplier, China PCBA Factory,Cable Supplier,Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Cables.

Whether you are seeking cable supplier and harnesses or printed circuit boards assembly or electronic assemblies and components or other sundry parts relating to the business of electronics; Precision is the best choice of company for you to work with.

Precision is cable and PCBA manufacturer which focus on customer needs and cares for the well being of its customers. The company aim is to help make our customers more successful in their business. Therefore every effort is made to be responsive in a prompt manner which leads to high quality customer benefit. Our services are wide ranging within the electronics sphere and are backed up by an extensive business network of contacts within the Asia region. So whether you are looking for quick-turn solutions, prototypes, small/medium size production or large volume deliveries, please contact us today.

Let us partner with you and prove that we are your trouble free choice for business success!
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  China PCBA factory
  Features and benefits
Well-understanding of the philosophy in
industrial connectivity
Metal parts and processing
Design assistance and prototype building PCB and PCBA assemblies
Mold design and plastic injection Final product test and assembly and packing

Computer motherboards, hard drives, industrial control panels, TFT monitors, digital cameras, DVD, PDA, mobile phones, electronic toys, and other types of line-side and board side connector, instrumentation, CNC equipment, switches and other high-end electronic industry etc.